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Your Future May Depend On The Decisions You Make Today

How an estate plan is created varies vastly from person to person. This is a very personalized area of law, and you need an attorney who understands the importance of individualized representation. At Anderson, Walker & Reichert, LLP, our lawyers know that each person and family has unique needs and assets that must be handled with care and skillfully crafted into a plan.

From our law office in Macon, our attorneys assist people from the surrounding area with Georgia estate planning and elder law services. Working as a group, they are able to provide experience and knowledge that you will not find at just any law firm. Clients trust us with some of their most important and sensitive concerns because they know that they will receive the attention and legal counsel they deserve.

Looking To The Future And Helping Shape It

Planning for the future – including after you are gone – requires considerable thought and preparation. You may not know how to get started, but our attorneys are here to help you on this journey and put plans in place that will protect your family and the estate you have built.

You may already have an estate plan, but is it up to date? It’s crucial to update your plan when there is a change in circumstances, such as the birth or adoption of a child, the death of a family member, the death of your spouse or a new development in your business, investments and other assets.

Our lawyers have extensive experience managing estate plans for business owners and others with sophisticated assets. You can be certain that they will recommend the right complement of estate planning tools for you, including a will, trust(s) and business succession plans.

It Is Never Too Early To Plan For Your Future Personal, Financial And Business Needs

Even young adults need to start an estate plan and name people to be their executors, guardians for minor children and those who will manage their health care and estates when they are incapacitated. Our attorneys help adults of all ages determine who to trust with their most important decisions and assets. The older we get, the more important estate planning and elder law planning becomes.

You may need to protect a high net worth estate or family business and ensure that it passes to the people you choose. You may want to leave financial assets in trusts for your children so that the money is not simply handed over all at once. You might want specific people to run the business after you are gone. Our team can help with all those issues as well as those concerning your end-of-life care preferences.

Is There A Problem With A Will Or Other Estate Matter?

Our experienced lawyers can represent you in will contests and other estate litigation. Situations such as breaches of fiduciary duty, incapacity, guardianships and wasting assets can be stressful and are often contentious. You will need an attorney to help you protect your interests in these complex cases.

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You can feel confident that our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and reputation you need for sophisticated estate planning. To arrange a consultation, please call us in Macon at 478-845-6775 or contact us online.