When Experience Matters, We Provide Solutions

When Everything Is On The Line

Matt Schwartz leads our Military Law section, defending Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, and Civilian military clients across all branches of the armed forces.

Alleged Violations of the UCMJ

For those in the Armed Forces, we live by a different set of laws and regulations. When accused of violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), our lives quickly get turned upside down. Based on an accusation, we may face a formal or informal investigation, a court-martial, non-judicial punishment (NJP or Captain’s Mast), administrative paperwork (letter of counseling, admonishment or reprimand), or an administrative discharge board. In these situations, when your freedom, career and retirement are at stake, you need someone skilled in your corner; a lawyer, with years of military justice experience and a track record of getting great results for clients. You need someone to advise you who understands this specific battlefield. You want an advocate with more court-martial experience than the prosecutors working day and night against you. From the moment you learn about an accusation, after you are advised of your right to counsel and elect to remain silent (which you should), who you choose to represent you may be the most important decision you make. Make no mistake about it: When everything is on the line, you want and need defense you can trust to do the job right.

In addition to confinement, demotion and discharge from the service, conviction at court-martial may have life-long collateral consequences that will impact every facet of your post-military life,  long after the sentence has been served. Every course of action must be analyzed with second and third-order consequences in mind. At each stage of your case, experience matters: From initial discovery, to crafting and executing a winning strategy, to motions, to witness preparation, to effective use of expert witnesses, to voir dire, to direct and cross examination, and to closing argument, we have the experience and skill needed to defend you throughout the court-martial process.

We bring that experience and skill to the fight.  With more than 20 years of court-martial experience, we provide honest, straightforward analysis and advice. We’re not going to blow smoke. We are going to work together to provide the best defense.

Pilots, Doctors and Nurses

Sometimes, accusations aren’t criminal in nature. Sometimes, Command seeks to take your wings or to take your privilege to practice in their medical facility. Flying evaluation boards (FEB) and medical evaluation boards (MEB) are highly contested hearings that require experience to successfully refute the government’s proposed basis. As with a court-martial, each stage of the defense requires skill and experience to build a winning strategy. If your career is threatened, you need honest, straightforward advice.

Civilian Employees and Military Contractors

Our dedication to our Active-Duty, Reserve, and Guard clients is matched by our dedication to our civilian employee and military contractor clients. Whether at risk of losing your security clearance, facing debarment from the installation, facing a misconduct allegation or outright termination, we bring our vast experience, resources and skill to your case.

Let Us Defend You

It is our honor to serve those who serve.  If you are facing an allegation, we are ready to defend you.  If we can be of service to you, give Anderson, Walker & Reichert, LLP, a call at 478-845-6775. You may also send a message online through our website.